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Are you a taxpayer living in the Philadelphia area? Do you owe money to the IRS from past tax debt problems? Searching for a local Philadelphia tax attorney is a common way to settle your IRS debt, but it may not be the best approach you can take. Many people facing this situation are unaware that they don’t have to use a Philadelphia tax lawyer for representation in their IRS negotiations. Hiring a tax company that specializes in solving federal tax debt and other related problems with a qualified staff of IRS Tax Practitioners can provide you with the quality of service you need at an affordable rate.

Taxpayers encountering IRS income tax debt in Pennsylvania can look up a tax professional for help with settlement. The longer a debt has gone unattended, the more urgent it can be to find a swift resolution. The IRS follows up unpaid accounts with collection efforts including liens and levies including houses and cars. If any of these actions have been taken against an individual’s property, they should call a professional tax company to resolve the debt as quickly as possible. Attorneys with a focus on tax law can help in some IRS matters, but a trained and dedicated tax professional may be able to provide more resources to assist you with your case than a tax attorney in Philadelphia.

Our tax professionals recommend repaying a debt rapidly to avoid penalties that lead to significantly increased debt. There is no penalty for early payment on delinquent accounts, and it can reduce the amount of the interest or fees that are accrued. Some taxpayers will qualify for debt relief through an Installment Agreement, which can last for approximately 60 months. If financial arrangements change for an individual such that income increases, larger payments are welcome. In this case, taxpayers should go through their tax professional to set up a new payment schedule. Our tax specialists can provide quick recommendations using the same IRS guidelines for tax debt relief programs as locally based Philadelphia tax lawyers. It is up to each individual to determine the solution that best serves their needs.

If possible, taxpayers looking to find relief with a decreased balance can request that their tax debt specialist help them enter into one of two agreements with the IRS. A Partial Pay Installment Agreement is a program that is valid when a taxpayer cannot pay the full balance, and after having disclosed their financial situation through the IRS, they come up with a monthly payment plan consistent with their income and expenses. The plan must be paid out to the end of the repayment period.

A similar option for resolving debt is an Offer-In-Compromise. This method involves the taxpayer working with their tax professional to determine a payment that can be afforded at the time. If the IRS will accept the one-time payment, then the liability is removed and the debt is considered settled. A debtor that is completely unable to pay due to an income that is less than their expenses may qualify for a Currently-Non-Collectible status. This plan temporarily removes the liability from the taxpayer as long as their income does not change and they remain compliant to the IRS.

In any tax case, it is very important for a debtor to protect themselves from further problems. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you have the right people working to find a solution for you. A Pennsylvania taxpayer always has options like the tax professionals at our company and attorneys in Philadelphia. If you need assistance with legal advice and information on your personal legal rights, only an attorney can provide that to you. Not every IRS tax issue requires a lawyer’s services, but some do. Therefore it is crucial to understand your needs and find the right representation. A tax professional can guide you on this matter and point you towards the most effective way to secure a resolution of your IRS debt. While we are not Philadelphia tax lawyers or a law firm, we do have a staff of talented and caring CPAs, Tax Professionals and Enrolled Agents waiting to help you.

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